Old School Cake 2013

Qunying Hui 2013

Elegant ageing sheng puer with a rich rounded and mature taste, the aroma reminiscent of exotic fruits and fresh wood with a long refreshing aftertaste. 

Cake from a Taiwanese producer made specifically for ageing in Malaysia. A street in Malaysia is also depicted on the wrapper. Modern style of puer production is focused on "single origin" tea from selective trees, made so it's drinkable right away. This cake goes in the opposite direction, it's made for ageing and aims for the taste people of Malaysia were used to drinking before the puer boom. The producer intentionally goes against the trend and doesn't reveal the exact origin of the tea leaves. After 8 years of storage in Taiwan the tea is wonderfully semi-aged. This a beautiful entry into the world of ageing teas and an ideal cake for your archive, because we believe it will age nicely in the coming years.

Origin Yunnan, China
Cultivar: Daye – big leaf tea trees
Harvest: 2013
Type: Raw (Sheng) Puerh
Storage: Taiwan

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Category: 茶 Tea
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